About Leroy Story

Leroy Story was born in a small town just outside Houston, Texas in 1980. He grew up in a farming family, with cattle being their main source of income. His family struggle to make ends meet most of the time, have to count on the market to pay their bills and put food on the table.

Leroy knew he wanted a different life when he grew up, so he decided to study computers when he was in high school. Of course, there were as many courses in computer studies is there are these days. Leroy majored in computer science in college, but has continued his studies over the years as more advances have continued to be discovered.

Six years ago, Leroy discovered that he loved building websites for companies in his hometown. He enjoyed the challenge of designing unique websites and finding hosting solutions for them. He began his own SEO business, where he can help others get their business off the ground and running strong. He continued to help these companies set up their computer systems, but his main joy came from helping them succeed in the online world.

Today, Leroy is still working on his own business, but also takes the time to help small businesses and individuals figure out how to do some of those things for themselves. That is what this site is all about. We hope you will follow him here to learn more about computers, web design, and blogging.